Silent install in windows domain

Hi everybody,
is there any step-by-step explanation on how to create silent installer (with nsis?) without interaction needed from users to deploy client side to computers with psexec (32bit systems).


Just add the flag /S. See Section “3.2.1 Common Options” for all available flags.

Found with forums search: May also help: Silent install for remote deployment

hi, thanks for helping me, but I’m stuck.

downloaded UrBackup Client 1.4.7.exe and started it like UrBackup Client 1.4.7.exe /S doesn’t do anything (first asking for language, then on welcome screen click next to continue, than installation directory confirm)

so I just don’t understand where and how should I add flag /S in NSIS for downloaded application?

and also, how can I define on urbackup file backups settings server to backup domain user document folder for xp, vista and win7 clients all at once?

Use the folder names of XP clients (C:\documents and settings\username\documents I think – maybe localized). Windows has compatibility links in-place in newer windows versions and UrBackup resolves them.

Old topic but it may help other people as I had the same issue:

Make sure to type “UrBackup.exe /S” and not “UrBackup.exe /s” as NSIS is case sensitive (source).

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