Silent install for remote deployment

Hi, first of all, your software is awesome!! I’m really in love with it, but I need to be able to deploy the client to may windows boxes and I have been looking for a way of running a silent install from command line with no luck.

The .msi package is great and it works perfectly, but only for x64 machines, and most of the machines we have are 32bits.

Would it be possible to have either the .msi package to 32bit windows or a silent install with the regular installer?

Using psexec I have managed to install vcredist package, but I need to be able to do a silent install of the urbackup client installer because with psexec is not possible to interact with the remote graphical interface.

Thank you so much.

I think I found a solution to my problem. Reading thru NSIS documentation I found the passing /S /D= to the installer, the installation is don in silent mode.
It seems to work flawlessly.

Good that you did find a way, because creating the 32bit msi would be a bit problematic. The NSIS installer has quite a bit of logic there installing different versions for Windows XP, 2003 and Windows >=Vista.

If you only have Windows >=Vista clients I could provide a 32bit installer, if it is still uncomfortable to install.

The regular installer is perfect for silent installations, it’s only a matter of adding 2 parameters when running the installer: /S /D
If the default installation path is enough, the second parameter can me omitted.

By the way, maybe someone else needs to know how to make a remote installation on several windows boxes so I’m going to explain it here:

Download Sysinternals for Windows from

. Save the executables on the downloaded zip file to %WINDIR%\system32 directory so they are in the %PATH%

now execute:

psexec \ -u / -p -f -c “UrBackup Client XX.exe”

After a while, urbackup client will be installed and running, and it will appear on urbackup server’s web app.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of software.