Silent install fails when exe is renamed

So others don’t get stuck on this like I did for several days, here’s a pointer: DON’T rename the client installer exe

For some reason it fails to install (stops after extracting KillProc.exe) if it has been renamed. I was doing this since I wanted a silent install I could deploy through MDT 2013 that was named in a way where all I have to do is replace the EXE when a new version is available. So I had renamed the EXE from UrBackup Client 1.4.9.exe to UrBackupClient.exe.

At first I was confused, as it looked like it ran, but sometimes it didn’t appear to extract anything with the /S switch. Then I noticed it did create the UrBackup folder in Program Files, and left just KillProc.exe in it. It does the same thing if you just double click the EXE (it extracts the VC runtime and runs that, then extracts KillProc.exe and quits).

If I leave the filename alone, it works fine even with the /S switch. Seems this might be a bug in the installer, as this is the only installer EXE I’ve come across where it fails if the file is renamed.

Anyway, just letting others know in case they had been trying to do this as well.

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I am currently setting up my MDT 2013 server. I would like to use MDT 2013 to rollout and install Urbackup Client on multiple domain and non-domain machines but i am not yet familiar with MDT 2013. Do you have any good guides i should use to help me with the Urbackup Client rollout using MDT 2013. Not sure what command line and switches to use. Does MDT 2013 just rollout the installer to the machine and not complete the install of the application? Or does it roll it out and install as well? Thanks

My first advice is to Google everything you can on MDT. There are lots of guides/blogs/etc out there for it, which is how I got started on it at home (after using it some at work).

Once you do that, I think you will see that your current concept of MDT is inaccurate. MDT is essentially a set of scripts that work together to do whatever you configure it to do when deploying a Windows OS to a computer, including any configuration or applications you want to include. Want MDT to run the UrBackup client installer completely silent? Then use the correct command line switches for the client installer in the application entries. Want it to be fully interactive? Do the same but just don’t use the client installer silent switch.