Silent client installation in 2.0 never completes

In looking at deploying the client across a number of VMs, I’m finding that the client setup (using the command line “UrBackup Client 2.0.29.exe /s”) never completes because it’s waiting for the user at the desktop to choose what to backup.

This obviously makes doing a silent rollout of the client rather … difficult :slight_smile:
Is there a way to pre-populate the settings requested during installation (even a silent install):

Are these stored in the registry, or filesystem? If I pre-populate something like C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\settings.cfg would that bypass the dialogs?

Thanks for the bug report. Will be fixed. As a work around you could use silent install with UrBackupUpdate.exe (Don’t rename it).

Thanks for that, worked nicely.

I’ve written a short howto for the Wiki for what I did (Silent Windows Install with PowerShell), in the hope it helps others.

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