Shutdown client windows after backup

Hi everyone,
we have an Urbackup Server v. 2.4.15 and several PC Windows with client v. 2.4.11. I would like to be able to shutdown automatically PC Client after File/image backup. I looked for a bit on the forum but I didn’t find anything.
Do you have any ideas about it?
Thanks a lot, Pierluigi

Use the post backup batch files.

shutdown /s /t 300

Will cause the machine to shut down 5 minutes after the batch file runs, adjust the number of seconds to suit, but that gives someone time to open an admin command prompt & do shutdown /a to abort it if they need to.

SHUTDOWN has many options you could play with shutdown /? will give you a list.

If you know your way round batch files it wouldn’t be too difficult to also double-check the time & only execute if the backup happened at an expected time.

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