Show a warning on the client, when there is no recent backup


is it possible, to show a warning on the client, when there hasn’t been a successful backup for the last x days? With this it would be easier for the clients to notice when something wents wrong with the backup.


You can hover over the System Tray Icon on a Windows Client to see the date of the most recent backup, but I don’t know about Linux.
Also you can set up alerts in the “Alerts” Tab of the clients to notify via E-Mail individually.


I only have windows clients so linux is not an issue for me. I would like to have something that is easier to recognize by the user. The hover of the tray icon only helps if you actively look for it. It would be create if there would be some kind of balloon message. If there hasn’t been a backup for some time, so the user gets more control over it and it is not all in the administrators hand.


Umm, the icon becomes red if there wasn’t a backup in 3x the incr backup interval


Ah that is interesting, thats a better indicator as the hover. Then I only have to set this icon to always visible.
A balloon hint still would be event better. Is it possible to integrate this at some point in the future (optionally because I think there are people which would not like it)?


That is something I would try to avoid. From my experience, most normal users don’t do backups anyway, even if told 100 times. I would enforce daily full backups if possible and even set up a folder on my clients’ desktop which is automatically backed up incrementally during lunch break (for some users known to have issues saving stuff by themselves :smiley:).


In most environments I totally agree with you. I have here a special setup where I provide backup for a lot of private people and I have to put some responsibility in there hands, because I dont’t have the time to always check the backups and run after them, when something is not working. So I need to give them an easy way that they can recognize it something is not running well.


In my experience most users do not give importance to visual alerts, so it is better to review the console periodically and have alerts activated by email.


Well in that case I would set up notification via email. That way, you can always refer to (obviously ignored) emails if something goes wrong and your clients complain. Set this up with a nice “How to backup my files” document for your customers/clients and you should be fine in my opinion.