Should non-english language threads be deleted?

There have been a german and a spanish thread recently.

So shuld non-english language threads be deleted in this forum?

  • yes
  • no

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I’ll say no with a comment. The UrBackup software is certainly of interest to an international audience, and installation offers around 20 languages, yet no specific forum for non-English support is apparent. If additional non-English discussion categories were offered, are there sufficient users available for community support?

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I think language selection is not a reason to delete a post, some people here may understand the posting language and be able to help.

If they are willing to put in the effort to help they can make the post useful to everyone by including English so others can follow the conversation.

A polite request to use English in posts is appropriate.


Combined with the hint that you are more likely to receive an answer if you post in English.

I say yes, or at least close the thread with the kind request to repost in English. Not because of the people creating the threads, but for archival purposes. It is very annoying to be able to Google on a error-message, and find a thread in a language you can’t read.

In this case there is another Google service – Google Translate…

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I can’t believe this comment, the same issue have spanish or german to english.

Really I can’t believe all the discussion…