Should I wait to update the server from 2.2.11 to server 2.3.6?

Hi everyone,
I am running UrBackup server 2.2.11 under windows server, but I dont see the mesage telling me that there is a new server version avaliable … Should I wait to get the message to upgrade to 2.3.6? or should I upgrade it manually? Please let me know if someone had any problems upgrading it.

Could someone help me with the best way to upgrade the server from 2.2.11 to 2.3.6? I think should be pretty simple just downloading and installing the new update, but I will appreciate if someone could suggest me a better (safer) way to do it :), also are the clients going to automatically updates? I have some using 2.2.6 and a couple using 2.1.19-cbt

Note: I see that UrBackup 2.3.6 is not in beta anymore but I don’t see anything on saying that is safe to update from 2.2.11 —>2.3.6

Thank you very much in advanced

I updated to 2.3.7 already and it went smooth using this procedure: Stop urbackup server. Backup database. Install new server. Replace client files in urbackup directory with these…

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Thank you for your quick respond, Could you please send me the link where are the instructions? I cannot find it anywhere … I don’t really understand when you said - Replace client files in urbackup directory with these … Is there any special instructions for that?

Thank you :wink:

This is how the instructions generally show up, I don’t see anything on the newest 2.3.7/2.3.4 yet, but they are always the same…

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The new release is on the front page of It’s out of testing so no announcement there. The last few releases have been the same, if I remember correctly. Not sure why the newest Restore .ISO didn’t make the cut, it’s working fine for me.

You don’t need to go through the extra steps of pasting in the update files. UrBackup Server will download the needed client updates on its own from the release archive. Just be sure to change the server settings back to the defaults if you cleared them during testing: Those who only used a previous 2.x release version should already have these checked.