Ship urbackup with some default groups/archive settings


For new users, could urbackup be shipped with some default groups with different archiving settings and different backup paths ? A bit like it is done for the windows client, For example:

make 3 windows group
backup only users folder
backup also the system drive
backup all non removable usb drives

make 3 linux group
backup /root and /home
backup /root /home /var/lib and /data and opt if they exists
backup / but filter /dev /tmp /proc /run /whatever

some default archive settings like
Last 90 days
weeky 6 months archival
long term archival (would add a monthly archive to keep for 2 years)

If schedule group would be too complex to implement, then ship 2 windows profile, each with 2 backup settings, each with 2 different archive setting, that would be 8 default groups that users could build on and show various example of settings/syntax for backup paths, filters, archive.