Settings wiped out

@uroni, I had something happen last night. I went to change my cleanup window and when I clicked save it wiped out all of my customized settings in the web interface. It erased the hostname that I had set, the port number that I had changed was set back to 55414, my excluded files were gone, everything was back to default. I am not sure how to provide a repro because I hate to wipe them out again to find out, but here are the exact steps as best I remember:

I was on my Android tablet and set some test clients to be removed. Selected their checkboxes in the web interface, clicked to remove them. Then I went to the settings tab and I clicked on the help link next to the cleanup window settings to make sure that I knew how to do it. I meant to hold until prompted to open in a new window, but forgot. I clicked the back button and thought it odd that it did not prompt me to login again, I entered “1-7/1-7” in the proper form and clicked on save and when it saved it went back to the default cleanup window settings. I tried once or twice more but it never stuck. Then I clicked on the status tab and when I got there it was warning that the backup folder was not accessible or permissions, etc. I went back to settings and everything was back to default, including the backup storage folder.

I went to reboot the server and when I did, one of my drives dropped out of the array and then I had to rebuild that. I am just now getting it back up and running, although none of the internet clients have reconnected, so I am about to dive in to that and see why…

Question: If I check on the client side, the pw.txt should have the same value as what I would see for the client in the internet settings tab for that client, correct? Or where is the client-side key stored at?