Settings of groups

How is the behavior of group settings vs global settings.
When I want to change a setting do I have to adjust it in every group or is it enough to change the global settings?

You need to set every group, global setting act as default.

Another way to look at it is that UrBackup does not use a hierarchy of settings. There is a Default group all new clients are placed in, and when a new group is created, it is first populated with the settings from Default. After that the two groups are separate and do not share anything that is in their settings.

The same happens with individual clients. One might be a member of the Default group or the Office group or the Science group, but as soon as the option “Separate settings for this client” is checked, that client is no longer ruled by the group settings. It is like a group of its own, and changes to other groups do not affect it.

I might like this to be different in some cases, as I don’t enjoy having to copy changes from group to group and then to separate clients, but knowing that a setting is stable and not subject to change in some other place is worth quite a bit in avoiding mysterious problems.