Setting Up Multiple Servers

I’m setting up local and remote backup servers and require the clients to backup to both. Local server is working fine and all clients are backing up to that OK, now adding the remote (internet) server that is running - just need to connect the clients to that too.

The FAQs ( mention:

To authenticate an additional backup server you have to ask the server administrator for the server key (It is shown on the status page) and add this key as an additional row to the server_idents.txt.

But I can’t see anything on the status page for a server key?

What am I missing?

Talks about the server key file and where it is :slight_smile:

OK, I have never done this but the manual says you can do it two ways. 1) modify each client to also backup to a second server, or 2) change the security on the second server to match the same as the first server.

I would recommend that you copy the security credentials from the primary server to the secondary server by doing the following:

copying the same ’server_ident.key’, ’server_ident_ecdsa409k1.p riv’ and ’’ to all servers.