Set backup Window overnight?

Is it possible to set the backup window to run overnight? How can I configure a backup window to run anytime except Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM and Saturday-Sunday 2AM-Midnight?

Can I do something like “Mon-Fri/0-8,17-24;Sat,Sun/2-24” or how would I do this?

Please read the manual :

How to define a backup window?
In the settings you can set a backup window. The server will only start backing up clients within this window. The clients can always start backups on their own, even outside the backup windows. If a backup is started it runs till it is finished and does not stop if the backup process does not complete within the backup window. A few examples for the backup window:

1-7/0-24: Allow backups on every day of the week on every hour.
Mon-Sun/0-24: An equivalent notation of the above
Mon-Fri/8:00-9:00, 19:30-20:30;Sat,Sun/0-24: On weekdays backup between 8 and 9 and between 19:30 and 20:30. On Saturday and Sunday the whole time.
As one can see a number can denote a day of the week (1-Monday, 2-Thuesday, 3-Wednesday, 4-Thursday, 5-Friday, 6-Saturday, 7-Sunday). You can also use the abbreviations of the days (Mon, Thues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun). The times can either consist of only full hours or of hours with minutes. The hours are on the 24 hour clock. **

u can set multiple days and times per window definition, separated per “,”. You can also set multiple window definitions. Separate them with “;”.

The way I define it is by defining the evening hours and the morning hours. By not leaving any space between them 18:00-23:59;0:00-6:00, I affectively create the backup window overnight.

Hello, could anyone here tell me what is this “interval for” incremental and full file backups?
What is the relation with the backup window?

This “interval” describes the frequency with which the server looks to initiate a backup on the client, so long as the time is allowed within the backup window.

If you backup data every 6 hours (6 hour interval), but only have a window from noon to midnight, then backups will only start within that noon-midnight window, so long as they are six hours after the last backup. (If a job started at 5 min to midnight, it would continue running outside the backup window, but no new job would start outside the backup window.