Set backup time


Sorry for my bad english.

I would like to know how to set an exact time for backing up a windows client and which options to enable for this.

There isn’t an option to have a specific “backup time”. You specify the window you want the backup to run in/during:

And based on the frequency it’ll work during those times. There’s also options for limiting local and internet backup speeds during specific hours.

The only direct control you have over this process is if you do this manually (no window for backups and trigger the backup manually from the website). OR you can automate this if you use the UrBackup Python API and create a python script that triggers a backup of a server on a specific time. Works well for the scripts i’ve made :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Perhaps you can also use the urbackupclienctl command from the client to start a backup on a specific time. Combining the windows task scheduler with a batch file for example? (see urbackupclientctl --help for specifics).

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