Service Stops on Clients

When running the backups on clients, I notice that after a day or two that the service stops. I have to stop the service and restart it to get them to continue and sometimes I have to reboot the server. I thought maybe it was because I had the setting to allow up to 10 backups to happen simultaneously. I changed that setting this weekend to only allow 5 simultaneous backs to occur and it is still happening. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sorry, you are having problems. Can you have a look into the client logfile at C:\Program Files\UrBackup\debug.log and maybe post the contents of this file?

Sorry for such a delayed response. The service still stops from time to time as I have limited simultaneous backups down to 2. On my other server I run 10 at a time without issue. I will send you a log file in the near future so you may provide some feedback to our issue.