Serverless restore

I will soon be pushing URBackup out to a bunch of PC’s over the internet. And I was woundering is there any type of serverless restore process that is easy to implement maybe a pre-made ISO that auto discovers the usb and can pull the images from there. My main reason for this is alot of times I will not have these computers with with the server they will most likly be Internet Only computers. I do not want them to have to drag or shipp the computers to me If I can just send them A pre-made USB with all of the files on it and have them restore the computer.

Anyone can help me with this?

Currently it is not possible.

You can restore it via command line though:

So with these instructions I should be able to move the backups to a portable drive and then restore it from the command line?

Yes. (Add a bootable Linux and GUI which let’s you select the target device and it would be what you want.)