Server without public IP address (but client has!)


I have an Urbackup server with some clients in my local network.

Now I have started using a VPS linux server and I’d like to have a backup of that as well.

The Urbackup internet mode is intended for an Urbackup server that has a public IP and that is contacted by clients that may/may not have a public IP (right?).

What I’d like to have, is the other way around: my Urbackup client (= the VPS web server) has a public IP, but my Urbackup server (on my home network) doesn’t have one.

Is this scenario covered in some way?

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The 2.5.x version has encryption for passive (local) clients, so it can be used over Internet now, yes.
Open port 35621 tcp and 35621 udp, then add the client IP/DNS as discovery hint to the server.