Server/username not found when using restore CD

Hey guys,

This is the first issue I have run into with URBackup and I hope that it is easily solved.

I have the backup client running on a laptop to test image and file backups in our network. The client installs fine and finds the backup server and the file and image backups run successfully.

The problem starts when trying to restore a client. I can’t seem to be able to log into the server to restore the image back to the laptop. I have checked the network setup and the laptop is pulling the correct IP however there is an error when it asks for the username for the server and then asks me if I want to try again or not.

My question is this, if it asks for the username does that mean that the Restore CD has found the backup server? If it has then found the backup server why would I not be able to log into the server with the username and password that is used for the WebUI? Should I be using a different username and password?

Just out of interest, is there a reason that the restore process is not covered in the documentation?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi, yesterday I had the same case, but it was with a particular VM. It turned out that it is working, after all, just you have to use the TAB key and go to the OK button. The fact it did not behave that way with another settings of the VM, makes me thinking it might be a BIOS related. Not quite sure what exactly would cause it, but just as a clue…