Server stopped backing up when disk full but doesn't restart when disk has free space

Just a note, on one of our servers, the UrBackup drive went full (because of UrBackup and other stuff, it’s a small server, it has only one data partition) and so UrBackup stopped backing up and showed the message :

There is currently not enough free space in the backup folder. UrBackup tried to delete old image and file backups but is now not allowed to delete more. Please change the settings to store less backups or increase the storage amount to allow UrBackup to continue to perform backups

We cleaned up other stuff that was on the drive and made enough room for UrBackup but the message stayed and no backup has been done until I restarted the service just now, is it the only way to do it ?

It should have started backing up again. Maybe that was just the exponential backoff working as intended?

But there is no logic to remove the message again.

Is there a way to remove this message manually then?

Currently only via restarting the server.