Server status doesn't show server IDENT

Migrated to UrBackup 2.0.31 (on Ubuntu server)
I want to start using a secondary UrBackup server, and I need the server_idents.txt file to be changed.
However, on the admin webinterface (status page) , it doesn’t display this info any longer.

PS: isn’t there a more convenient way to tell the client which server it has to use ?
I am planning to have 2 seperate URbackup server: one for clients and one for servers.

PS: keep up the great work !

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It’s shown if you click on “+Add client”. If you download the client via that screen via add Internet client it will use the correct server (also on local network).

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Thanks !

Others looking for this value - below a screenshot

Could this be added to the FAQ?

It’s shown if you click on “+Add client”

Is there a possibility where I can directly propose this edit?