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I am new to URBackup and I was hoping for some help. I have currently two branches that are quite a distance apart and I would like to back up the remote Branch to the head office. I have a VPN attached to the two branches and all are on the same domain. I have set up the server in the head office on a 2003 server. The client is set up on the server in the remote branch. I have version 1.1.1-1 on the server and 1.1.1 on the client. I had to set the client up in the extra client for the server to see it. The status has now set the client and is saying it is online. The status of the client is stating, Server Rejected. Can i get some help on this.

UrBackup clients only use the first server they see. (Faq entry number 1 ). The server identity is also on the status details page.

Thank you.
What do it meands please

first server they see

Is there any patern please?
Is the client scaning from lowest IP address?
urB01 IP is
urB02 IP is

Clients after instalation conecting to urB02. When I changed IP on urB01 to, clients still conecting to urB02.

I have been tryin:

Click on the pop-up that asks if you want to use the new UrBackup server
Delete the server_idents.txt on the client, stop the UrBackup client back-end service, wait 5min, and start the service again.
Uninstall the UrBackup client, wait 5min and then install it again. You loose your settings if you do this.
Get the server identity from the server (It is shown if you click “add client” on the status page for server administrators) and add it to the client’s server_idents.txt.

it do not work. Deleting file server_idents.txt, adding urB01 ID to server_idents.txt. It keep conecting to urB02.

There is not even an popup mesage after setup which server I want to connect.

when I will delete


I have pop up message cannot conec to server.

When I have setup allow only one active client on urB02, client is conected with urB02 but it is say to many clients.

I have been trying unistall and install many times, no result keep adding to urB02.

Please help

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