Server rebuilt. How do I import existing database

My URBackup server machine crashed and burned. The backup went to an external HD, and were saved. So far, so good

I bought a new machine, installed URBackup, plugged in the backup disk. I configured it to use the existing backup directory, but it thinks there are no backups. If I copy backup_server.db and backup_server_settings.db from the backup directory into urbckupServer\urbackup, it refuses to do anything. Can someone please tell me how to use the existing backups in the backup directory?

Or do I have to plug in a new backup disk, and relegate the original to the status of “archive”


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Well, I managed to answer my own question.

  1. Install URbackupServer, and configure it to point to the backup location. It will believe there are no clients, and no backup.
  2. stop the server.
  3. go to the install directory, urbackup subdirectory, and delete all backup_server*.*
  4. copy backup_server.db and backup_server_settings.db back from the urbackup folder in the backup directory
  5. start the server

It now knows the clients, and knows the data.


Thank you for following up with this!!! This will help anyone who needs to upgrade as well!!


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Thank you, that helps me answer how to handle this situation, which was one of my evaluation questions. So far this program is looking great!

In Debian Jessie the above translated to the following commands for me, where Backup2 is my offsite server with cached credentials…

ssh Backup2 /etc/init.d/urbackup_srv stop
/etc/init.d/urbackup_srv stop
rsync -avzHh --delete -e ssh /var/urbackup/backup_server*.* Backup2:/var/urbackup
/etc/init.d/urbackup_srv start
ssh Backup2 /etc/init.d/urbackup_srv start