Server PRE backup script


Tried all over the internet, but was so far unable to find a way to run i.e a pre backup script on the server.
I imagine there is a good reason to only provide post backup scripts on the server and not pre scripts.

Trying to work out a solution for dealing with Encryption, and only way I have is to also trigger some process right before the backup starts, at the server.

Is there a reason not to have pre backup scripts at the server?. Is there a plan to add them?. Would there be a way in the code, or hooks, to trigger i.e a script right before the server tries to access the backup folder?.

Thanks in advance. Apologies if it might be a stupid question, but as I said I was surprised not to be able to find anything on the topic. Thanks!.

Couldn’t image a use case for that…

You’d still need to have the whole backup storage encrypted? Idk how a pre- backup script would help with that.

Sure, you could add a ClientMain::run_script(...) into e.g. Backup.cpp. The server also waits for backup storage to be available before starting up completely…

I can imagine 10 probably, not perfect but would reduce attack surface compared to the 0 protection that urbackup would offer on a public facing server.
Why are the pre-scripts not part of the server?, trying to figure out how this would have been left out. Hopefully not because no one could thought of a use case. Was there a good reason or only lack of interest?.

I have no experience in going into linux development, yes in C/C++. I’d dare to go in, but would like to contribute to Urbackup somehow. I think it could be useful to many, with imagination ;). No clue how to do this.
Would it make sense to place this as a request?. For the people familiar with this such as yourself, I expect it to be only a couple lines of code, if interested.