Server not broadcasting on LAN

after two months regular job, my server (1.4.11 on debian linux) stopped working.
This happened because backup folder (a nfs mounted share) wasn’t reachable anymore.
I restored the shared folder and restarted the server.
None of the three clients comes now online.
I captured traffic on the server interface port 35623 and port 35622: no packet in > 5 min.

Step i already did:

  • upgrade the server (now 1.4.14)
  • repair server database (start_urbackup_srv --repair_database)
  • manually re-add clients as extra-clients
  • specify broadcast-interface “eth0” in /etc/default/urbackup
  • restore broadcast-interface “” in /etc/default/urbackup
  • check if firewall active --> no

Now I’m stuck…

Are you dealing with headless Linux clients, or Windows clients?

If you’re dealing with Linux:

start_urbackup_client --no-daemon --log-level debug

  • Does the client point to the server?
  • Is it possible that your server_idents.txt changed?

If you’re dealing with Windows:

  • Click on the UrBackup icon in the bottom right (Notification Area).
  • Do you get an error?
  • Is it possible that your server_idents.txt changed?

Would this assist you:

Problem fixed:

  • the server has begun broadcasting again, without me doing anything particular. This happened ca. 24 hours after restarting urbackup server.

Consequently the clients discovered the server as expected.

I don’t understand the reason of this long delay: maybe some cleanup operations had to be performed before it would begin to broadcast again?

Thanks for your help