Server: Linux or Windows?


I having some problems with urbackup server installed in W2008R2, usually when then clients (5) try to make a image backup (different hours) the server hangs. That server was runing for 4 years without problems and this only happens with image backups+urbackup, apparently file backup (incremental or full) works ok.

I have a Linux box with Ubuntu, would be better install the server there? All clients are Windows boxes.


Are you sure it is a hardware/OS problem and not UrBackup’s fault (i.e. does the system really freeze)?

I’d say the server performs better on Linux. The filesystem situation there might not be that good if you want compression. ZFSOnLinux and btrfs are both unstable.

If you are free to choose you could also try FreeNAS. I’ve created a Plugin for that which makes installing UrBackup on it easy.

Yes I’m sure, it’s Urbackup. The clients makes file backup from Monday to Friday, and image backup Saturday/Sunday every 7 days, and ALL weekends the server hangs. If I disable image backups, the server does not hangs.

Usually I reboot the server on Monday, and then the UrBackup clients does not make backups anymore until I login to the server, restart the Urbackup service and then they start to make backups.

This is more or less the same beaviour that I have in two others Urbackup installations, the clients does not start, or the server does not works as spected, no image backups (sometimes)…This software is amazing but I’m not able to make it works in a correct way.


Okay. I’m not aware of any issues. Can you help me narrow down this issue, e.g. by providing a log file (See for how to enable debug logging).

Ok, I’ll try to do but since this only fails in weekends I need time to get the logs…

In this momento the server is out of service again.

When the server hangs (unable to access with RDP, unable to access shared folders, unable to access remote management, unable to reboot remotely) I can see that Urbackup is running 4 backup images (the web interface at 55414 works), If I stop the 4 clients (pause Urbackup or power off the machines), the web interface still shows that Urbackup is running the backups.

Since I can’t access physically to that server until monday I can’t reset the urbackup service or access in any way to that computer :(

May be a useful option to start/stop/restart the urbackup service in the web interface for this kind of issues. This only happens with IMAGE BACKUP, two different environments, same behaviour.