Server installation problem related to out of space

I installed urbackup and it appeared to run fine for a long time, backing up a Windows client. When it never called that client “done” and started over from the beginning I figured something was wrong. What happened was the server ran out of space in some of the places where urbackup was storing things. The bulk data storage was fine, but some of the partitions where it keeps other information were too small.
After re-configuring the storage locations I uninstalled urbackup, removed the directories I saw that were not removed by uninstall, and installed again.
Now it doesn’t run out of space, but it doesn’t work either. The client complains of disk problems. The server complains of not being able find stuff that I deleted.
I thought I had deleted the server database and it created a new one during installation, but it looks like this is not exactly what happened.
How do I scrub this server so it will just start over?