Server in Docker with multiple NICs

I’m trying to setup Server in a Docker container on a host with multiple NICs in a multiple subnet environment. My host has four NICs and I want to setup two of them to be used with Server running in a Docker container. Each of the two NICs will be connected to different subnets, (510 hosts) and (254 hosts). The gateways on each subnet are at .254 and I’d like the two addresses for the Server to be the .1 of the respective networks. This is an existing network configuration, and the addresses are assigned to me by an external entity. I have to work with what I’m given. I believe once the Docker network is configured correctly, Server would work as expected since it would just broadcast on both subnets automatically. How do I configure the Docker networking to support this configuration? TIA.

Your question seems to be directed at the docker container and not UrBackup server, so you likely be better asking this on a forum that your docker container is hosted on (Linux?)