Server Hardware Recommendations

I want to use the UrBackup appliance mainly for internet clients. I’ve currently got a Synology NAS connected via iSCSI to the appliance running on HyperV and it’s working well for testing. But I’m about ready to deploy for production and wasn’t sure if this solution would scale.

Is it better to present UrBackup with a “single” disk and let the Synology do the RAID like I’m doing or will I be missing out on some of the advantages of letting UrBackup handle the RAID system? Would it be better to buy a server and put the appliance on Bare Metal and not use the Synology in the equation at all?

I think directly attaching the storage to the Hyper-V box or the bare metal appliance would have slightly better performance (and more reliability because there are less points of failure involved).

The main problem I see is that either the Synology RAID doesn’t have error correction (exporting LVM volumes on mdraid) or abysmal performance (iSCSI raw file on btrfs with cow). I guess you could export single disks via iSCSI and let the appliance do the RAID?

Yes I was thinking the same thing. Just this morning I rebooted the HyperV host and then had to jump through hoops to get the iSCSI connected again (it wasn’t automatic). So fewer points of failure sounds like a win for sure.