[SERVER]Don't see the restore button

good morning,
I installed urbackup on my centOS7 server.
Urbackup 2.4.12
The client is online and I changed the parameters in
The restore button does not appear from the web down of the server
I attach screen

Reinstall urbackup client. More specifically, this command completely removes the program. The latest versions of the client really have a bug. That the recovery button does not appear.


Save the settings file /etc/default/urbackupclient with changed the parameters. Then reinstall the Urbackup client.

oook…thank you for support

You don’t need to reinstall urbackupclient!

If you don’t have GUI component (tray icon) by default restore button is disabled, because you can’t confirm popup window.

But you can enable Restore button without confirmation. For it:

1. Edit /etc/default/urbackupclient (change RESTORE=server-confirms):

# /etc/default/urbackupclient
# Valid settings:
# "client-confirms": If you have the GUI component the currently active user
# will need to confirm restores from the web interface.
# If you have no GUI component this will cause restores
# from the server web interface to not work
# "server-confirms": The server will ask the user starting the restore on
# the web interface for confirmation
# "disabled": Restores via web interface are disabled.
# Restores via urbackupclientctl still work

2. Restart service at the client
service urbackupclientbackend restart

3. The server will apply the settings after some time. If you do not want to wait, then:
systemctl restart urbackupsrv.service

I tested it at debian 10, client 2.4.10, server 2.4.12.

ok…thank you

This don’t work - I set this option in file /etc/defaulturbackupclient on docker client image - in running contener - and still

2023-03-23 19:58:03: New Backupclient: d1_client_backup


2023-03-23 19:58:13: Updated client “d1_client_backup” successfully


2023-03-23 19:59:32: Starting restore of path “backup/persistent/localfs/certs”. Waiting for client confirmation…