Server doesn't recognize the same file from two at the same time running backup jobs

As it seems Urbackup doesn’t notice when two backup jobs for different clients run at the same time, that one of them already uploaded a file, which the other one wants to upload later. It will copy the files two times.
If it helps to find the issue, here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve finally found time to change my private backups to an urbackup server.
I’ve started the backup normally, since it was 400GB of data an he told me, it will take over a month to copy all (Internet connections aren’t that fast around here ;-)) I’ve decided I start a backup job which copies the exactly same file from my previous backup server which is located at the same place as the new one, without stopping the other backup job. That new job finished after an hour.
But the old job continued telling me it will take over a month, and continued copying every single file even though they already were on the urbackup server. So I’ve stopped the urbackup client daemon. And clicked on “stop backup job” in the urbackup gui. After 15 Minutes that job was still shown in activities. But I decided not to wait any longer, started the urbackupclient daemon again. Told urbackup to start a new backup job. As it seems it just continued the previous one, but now it found all the files on the server and the job finished in a few minutes.

Could be some effect of the queuing that it does, i.e. it already checked for existing files and decided to queue them to the download thread. It does that up to 500 files in advance. All that also makes it hard to stop backups once they have started :wink: