Server does not update Client IP

Client IP changes (DHCP expired, VPN etc.), able to properly resolve new IP on server OS level. UrBackup does not pickup new IP, still uses old IP recorded earlier. Anyway to force a more frequent refresh of client IP?

It should pick up the new IP given that the client does not answer on the old one anymore. I have tested this when switching from WiFi to LAN.
It would be helpful if you give me a sequence of actions that causes the server to not pick up the new IP.

LAN is 10.150.10.x
WiFi is 10.150.20.x
VPN is 10.200.10.x

If I switch to WiFi or VPN, UrBackup server will not pick up the new IP on a different VLAN even though nslookup/ping etc. on the server would return the correct IP of the client.

Thanks for your help!

Does it ever detect VPN or Wifi clients as online?

No. It could not detect WiFi or VPN users. I can add a computer on WiFi manually and that will work. That means, if a machine is on wired connection, the machine will only get backed up if user connects the cable. If user switch to wifi, urBackup will not be able to detect the new VLAN. As for VPN, it will not work even if I manually add the IP. But I am able reach the web console on the server from the client.

Your backup server is probably in the 10.150.10.x subnet. UrBackup uses broadcasts to discover new clients. Those broadcasts probably do not get forwarded by the VPN gateway/WLAN gateway to the other subnets.

  • Put all the clients into the same subnet
  • Manually add the clients as you already did. UrBackup then sends an UDP packet specifically to those IPs there.
  • Use the Internet connection mode of UrBackup where clients connect to the server. (You don’t have to do it over internet despite the name).