Server crash with bus error

Here’s something I haven’t seen before;
2017-07-27 14:11:26: Authed+capa for client ‘xxxxxxxx’ (encrypted-v2, compressed-v2, token auth) - 1 spare connections
Bus error

Followed by the server process stopping.
Running 2.2.3 beta in a FreeNAS 11 Jail.
Anyone else seen this before ?

Can happen when it runs out of space on the database directory.

I also think you may have ZFS issues with the new FreeBSD kernel? You know what you changed?

If the database directory used the main ZFS pool then it has 20+TB of available space.
I’m really not sure what changed with the update to FreeNAS 11 but I do know the ZFS had some extra flags or something added.
So you may be right about the ZFS issues. I’ll make sure everything within the jail is up to date and see how it goes.
Will post again if it re-occurs.

Thanks for the prompt response.