Server backup folder duplicated all incremental data?

I am currently testing so to start off… on client A each backup is the same size (roughly 1.4GB) because nothing has changed on the client. I just checked out the server backup folder for this client and see all of the incremental backups with all of the files for each one contained in each folder. I figured the backups were only changes but it is not… so when looking at the size for all folders in the client backup it is basically copying the same files over and over and thus taking up space!!

Is there a way around this??? My client 1.4GB has turned into server side 44GB.

Have you checked the actual space on disk? What you see in those folders are actually links to the files in question. Not necessarily the files in question.

Size of file and size on disk are both 44.6GB if that is what you mean. This is windows by the way.

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Man this hard-link thing sounds great but on the other hand it sounds like it can suck lol. What does windows do when it thinks the disk is full but it really is not??? Or does a lower level process know that it isn’t so you can just keep writing to a “full disk”? In my ignorance it would seem that you can really never know where you are in terms of space once you “fill up”.

Yeah, and it makes it difficult to program for cases such as this. Earlier in UrBackup development there was an issue run in to where if you set UrBackup to use 100% of the disk in question, but you had dedup turned on for that disk, it would start trimming files even though the disk was only 30% full, because of the strange ways that Windows reports such things.