Server "backup" and "restore" when moving the server to new hardware


I notice the server has the ability of backing up its own database, however cant find a restore to then take all of this and push in to a new server. We use an install on a QNAP NAS so have no access to the engine itself, only the data store…

Having a “backup” and “restore” of the main server would be nice to then be able to continue with the same clients on the same LAN due to server hardware failure or requiting to move it.

UrBackup keeps a copy of the database in the backup storage path under /urbackup. I had to stop the service on the new machine, copy that content to /var/urbackup, chown everything to urbackup:urbackup, and then start the service. This was on Debian 12 so not sure how it applies to QNAP.

Hope that helps.

There’s no access to the back end on QNAP, also for this app on QNAP it has no “stop” for the service (without a possible hack), the QNAP NAS we use have quiet a few services including virtual machines running on them so any “hack” of the backend system could (and likely would) result in major stability issues and loss of money. Hence why i requested a button in the GUI to do it.

Almost all other QNAP apps can however be stopped, for some reason the UrBackup app doesnt have that option (to restart the UrBackup service the complete NAS has to be restarted), Having something built in would be way easier for export and import / run the database which would work on all systems. I would suggest and “upload” button in a ZIP file to allow the system to re-import all the settings and database.

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