Server and client on same PC to backup Win to external HDD

I’m trying to use Urbackup for backing up my windows (as image) and my users folder on an external HDD (connected to the same machine).

From my understanding, I can install both the server and the client in C:/Program Files… (same machine) and use it to back up the users folder (or full windows image) to the external HDD.

Is this correct? Should I install the server/client on a different partition than C?

Yes, that’s correct. Both parts of UrBackup are installed just as any other program, because they are separate programs, and install separate services - one for the client and one for the server. There is also the optional client user interface which normally sits in the Windows tray at the end of the taskbar, just like your anti-malware and graphics card support programs.

A running Windows partition can be the target of a file or image backup because Windows has a Shadow Copy function which maintains a point-in-time snapshot of the partition at the beginning of the backup. UrBackup makes good use of Windows features to provide better, faster backups under a wide range of use cases.