Server 2016 Core

So I have the client setup and connected. however I cannot figure out hot to setup which windows components I want to backup. is there a way to do this in the server core platform?

Well which Windows components might you wish to restore? Personally I’ve never had any use for the “Windows components” feature, I’ve always either restored an entire image which obviously includes them all, or restored files from an ordinary backup.

TBH my reasoning may be completely spurious, but I’ve always worried that restoring a component might leave windows in an inconsistent state, particularly if any updates were applied to windows between the backup and the restore.

Given server-core is all cli I’d imagine you’d configure it all from the UrBackup web interface.

Maybe someone who knows more about it than me will happen along & give a better answer.

I run all of my domain controllers on server core so in this case the AD partitions , SYsvol.etc

and I wouyld imagine there should be a way to do this from the cli but I cannot find very much documentation on the commandline with urbackup

but this would also be very helpful now that exchange 2019 and sql server can be installed on core

but after hours of research it looks like this may not be an efficient way with server core because it looks like VSS needs to be managed from a server instance with a gui or via group policy & task scheduler.

but if anyone has more experience on this id love for them to chime in

You can with remote desktop + starting the dialog from command line (see, at least it worked for me in Hyper-V Core. Once you have the config you could copy&paste it to other clients in the “advanced” tab.

Awesome I never even noticed that setting on the advanced tab. and I didn’t know that it was as simple as copying a config from another machine… I figured the configs were specific to machine