Server 2.4.8 beta/Client 2.4.7 beta

Major changes with server 2.4.x beta

  • IPv6 support (sponsored by Tuxis Internet Engineering )
  • ZSTD transport compression
  • Parallel hashing improvements

Changes with server 2.4.8 beta

  • Fix sparse file patch loading if sparse file ends with a sparse extent at a multiple of 512KB and loading the data is faster than sending hash data
  • Fix GCC build issues
  • Always add root client access token to db (fixes file/restore access after Linux client download)
  • Cleanup old client access tokens
  • Fix alert nagging
  • Start backup immediately if client requests it
  • Discover internet clients faster
  • Send backup failed notification to client
  • Updated translations; Add new Chinese translator (thanks goes to Johnny Xing)
  • Use “rm -f” instead of plain “rm” in proposed client install command to fix confirmation of temporary file removal on e.g. CentOS

Changes with server 2.4.7 beta

  • Fix FreeBSD build
  • Fix compilation with older OpenSSL versions
  • Check for AlignedAllocate in crypto++ lib/Detect if CRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM should be set in configure step
  • Obtain backup/restore privileges on Windows to read symlinks (Fixes file restores with symlinks from Windows servers)
  • Improve error handling if e.g. (ipv6) bind() call fails

Changes with server 2.4.6 beta

  • Fix alert nag interval printing
  • Get hyper-v image snapshot error faster
  • Properly escape clientsubname in SIGNATURE query

Changes with server 2.4.5 beta

  • Fix file download queuing error handling
  • Fix recursive directory deletion on Linux/FreeBSD
  • Read actual endpoint address from connection when connecting from configurable IP addresses
  • Submit internet server proxy setting (web interface)
  • Add internet server proxy settings to client added screen
  • Make default backup folder configurable via preprocessor define
  • Fix recursive directory deletion error checking

Changes with server 2.4.4 beta

  • Make syncfs() error fail file backups
  • Try using BTRFS_IOC_SYNC (on Linux) before falling back to syncfs
  • Add scope to file client addr hints (IPv6)
  • Fix client addr update for ipv6

Changes with server 2.4.3 beta

  • Use heap for recursion when deleting non-empty directory
  • Make ipv6 optional per default

Changes with server 2.4.2 beta

  • Fix FreeBSD compile issue

Changes with server 2.4.1 beta

  • Fix polling with ipv6 socket on Linux in ServiceAcceptor
  • Fix report script cache reload
  • Fixup backup folder location correctly (trailing slash)
  • Fix IPv6 on FreeBSD (not compile tested yet)

Changes with server 2.4.0 beta

  • Allow setting group id while adding new clients
  • Postpone metadata application of files that are in queue before reordered downloads (because of missing file in previous backup)
  • Allow ldap admin users access to all backups
  • Set file backup to incomplete during startup recovery
  • New setting to make backup dirs optional per default
  • Cleanup one image backup of each client at a time when freeing space (like with file backups)
  • Catch and log info about C++ exceptions
  • Improve parallel hash logging and properly set eof when finished
  • Do not retry getting parallel hash after error
  • Check if VHD file was opened successfully before using it (Fixes Windows crash)

Major changes with client 2.4.x beta

  • IPv6 support (sponsored by Tuxis Internet Engineering )
  • ZSTD transport compression
  • HTTPS proxy support (only with SChannel on Windows for now)
  • Parallel hashing improvements
  • Image backup performance improvement: Read-ahead file system in larger blocks

Changes with client 2.4.7 beta

  • Allow client to start backup, then exit after it completed successfully/timeout
  • Suspend exclude patterns which would completely remove a selected backup path
  • Check OpenSSL version by checking if function is present
  • Add warning message about missing OpenSSL support during configure
  • Wait for parallel hash thread to finish before deleting it
  • Add new Chinese translator (thanks goes to Johnny Xing)
  • GUI: Use negative values for image backup being disabled (like server)

Changes with client 2.4.6 beta

  • Fix FreeBSD build
  • Fix compilation with older OpenSSL versions
  • Exclude efivarfs
  • Check for AlignedAllocate in crypto++ lib/Detect if CRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM should be set in configure step
  • Handle lsb-base package not being present in Linux installer (such as in the debian-slim docker packages)
  • Improve error handling if e.g. (ipv6) bind() call fails
  • Log more restore errors to server
  • Re-read blocks with errors with smaller readahead buffer size to narrow down the error location more during scrub

Changes with client 2.4.5 beta

  • Fix HTTP(S) proxy authorization
  • Add blockalign tool
  • Compile Windows client GUI with wxWidgets 3.1
  • DPI scale a few dialog sizes
  • Fix OpenSSL linkage in binary Linux client
  • Fix certificate location search in binary Linux client
  • Allow “ALL” as special file backup path that backups all volumes

Changes with client 2.4.4 beta

  • Fix evaluation order bug in file backup indexing

Changes with client 2.4.3 beta

  • Fix phash skipping of small files
  • Fix ARM32 CPU flags
  • Fix wait-for-backend pausing
  • Option to use c-ares for DNS resolution and use it for android linux client builds
  • Fix compression if zstd is not available
  • Fix crypto++ crashes in Android builds
  • Fix first connection to Internet server not being usable
  • Fix https prefix removal when connecting via https proxy
  • Add OpenSSL support to client

Changes with client 2.4.2 beta

  • Added Japanese translation (by Ikeguchi Naoki)
  • Correctly close ipv6 udp socket on error/restart
  • Increase number of read ahead block buffers, because it might read up to 64 of them simultaneously in the worst case causing image backups to hang
  • Added logging about server being rejected
  • Build Linux binaries with Android NDK instead of ELLCC
  • Try connecting to all DNS lookup results in order (A and AAA records)
  • Use heap instead of stack for file indexing recursion (reduces virtual memory used because the index thread stack size is now normal again)
  • Flag (disabled by default) to include all symbolic links if includes are specified (changes default to not always include symbolic links to directories)
  • Keep computername when resetting settings if new computername is empty

Changes with client 2.4.1 beta

  • Fix FreeBSD compile issue
  • Read-ahead file system in larger blocks during image backups
  • Make ipv6 optional per default
  • Return ipv6 zone in lookup and use it to connect

Changes with client 2.4.0 beta

  • Reset reconnect tries if more than 30min between reconnects
  • Only set reconnect_tries to 50 if it wasn’t set higher previously
  • Tool to read volume and write zeros to blocks which cannot be read
  • Set socket window size to 3MiB send buffer and 128KiB recv buffer for client on Windows
  • Fix incr image bit clashing with full file backup bit
  • Remove result writing via pipe fixing some async indexing hang-ups
  • Fix search for snapshot if VSS path is the root of a volume
  • Fix parallel hashing with VSS components
  • Hard code not following default wine z: symlink to root of fs on non-Windows
  • Functionality to interrupt parallel hash loading threads on clients
  • Don’t parallel hash files smaller than 2048 bytes
  • Add to db if there is a sub-directory because that one can be deleted and should then be removed from the db (Linux/MacOS)
  • Do not quit indexing with “no backup dirs” if components are selected for backup

Changes with Restore CD 2.3.0 beta

Changes with Restore CD 2.2.2 beta

  • Fix GPT restore with restore disk being (slightly) smaller

Upgrade process

As always: Replace the executables (via the installers) and the database of the server/client will be updated on first running it.

Place the files from the update directory into C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup to auto-update clients. Disable Download client from update server in the server settings to prevent the server from downloading the current version.

On Linux e.g. with this update script:

Downgrade process (server)

Stop the UrBackup server, restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup from a backup before upgrade and then install the previous version over the beta release.


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Is there a specific client compatibility with the new server? (i’m referring to 2.4.9, but stable versions never get a post to reply to, or announced). example, should 2.3.4 clients work just fine with 2.4.9 server? Thanks.

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