Server 2.4.12 for Windows not automatically upgrading

  1. Has anyone else experienced Server 2.4.12 (Windows) not being detected as the current upgrade? For example, my 2.4.9 Server is offering the download of 2.4.10, not 2.4.12 as expected.

  2. Once installed, 2.4.12 hasn’t been upgrading 2.4.8 Clients to 2.4.10. When I manually upgrade a client to 2.4.10 the server shows that version in Status and it is stable (not being downgraded), but downloading Clients through the web interface still gives 2.4.8, and existing 2.4.8 Clients are left as-is.

This is happening on the two Windows servers I have updated to 2.4.12, plus the 2.4.9 Server as mentioned above. I have verified that Download client from update server, Show when a new server version is available, and Autoupdate clients are all checked, both now and previously.

Seems I haven’t uploaded the files yet. The client upgrade isn’t important anyway (see changelog). I’ll fix that soon.
I’ve also changed the server serving those files, so please give me a heads-up about any other issues.

I know the last few have been Linux-directed updates, and you might have been using a soft-deployment to us early adopters, so tried to be patient. UrBackup is one of the few updates I look forward to because it almost always Just Works.

I’m joining to bug report #2 (urbackup client > autoupdate).

I have “Urbackup srv.” ver.2.4.12 and “Urbackup cli.” ver.2.3.4.
This is client don’t upgrade automatically.

About my installation:

  1. Client installed on the same machine as are server.
  2. Options:
    “Download client from update server”
    “Autoupdate clients”
    “Perform autoupdates silently”
  3. For this client checked option “Separate settings for this client”.
  4. Distribs (“UrBackup Client 2.4.10.exe” and “UrBackup Client 2.4.10(x64).msi”) placed in “C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup” folder.
  5. “Urbackup srv.” and “Urbackup cli.” services stoped/started/reloaded.
  6. OS - Windows 7 Pro with SP1 (64 bit).