Server 2.3.4 beta

Major changes with server 2.3.x beta

  • Use reflinks on file systems that do not have snapshot/subvolume support (XFS and ReFS v3)
  • Run backup storage checks asynchronously from status screen
  • Allow client renames in some cases
  • Preparations for special Hyper-V client with disk images instead of volume images
  • Allow client to restore its own image backups (image restore with normal client)

Changes with server 2.3.4 beta

  • Reflink support with ReFS v3 (Windows Server 2016 and 2019)
  • Raw image support on Windows (if reflinks are available, see above)

Changes with server 2.3.3 beta

  • Fix incremental chain handling when deleting images

Changes with server 2.3.2 beta

  • Load all lua modules per default
  • Do not strip debug information (line numbers) when compiling lua script
  • Comment to disable lua code compilation

Changes with server 2.3.1 beta

  • Functionality to log file changes in incremental image backups
  • Seek to correct position in source file before sending when resuming image restore
  • Return error correctly when server runs out of space during file backup in a corner case
  • Only use CURLOPT_EXPECT_100_TIMEOUT_MS if curl version is high enough
  • Fix Crypto++ 6.0 byte compile issue
  • Prevent cleanup from deleting incremental image chains that cause number of incremental images to fall below min_incr_image (in testing)

Changes with server 2.3.0 beta

  • Improve space accounting if reflinking is replaced by copying
  • Alert/status fixes
  • Set json content type when returning json in web interface
  • Stop parallel hash download thread in all cases
  • Parallel file hashing fixes
  • Add Pulseway alert script (mainly as an example)
  • Improve out of space error handling
  • Log login attempts where username does not exist as failed login attempts
  • Fix settings threading issue
  • Log failed client authentications into auth log (Linux)

Changes with client 2.3.1 beta

  • Fix permission translation for Linux and macOS

Changes with client 2.3.0 beta

  • Retry llistxattr with a multiple of the required memory if it fails
  • Cooperate CBT with multiple running clients
  • Don’t show restore components option if components never have been backed up
  • Fix change indicator of open files such that the symbolic link detection works for them
  • Read USNs of symbolic links and directories on Windows instead of last modified time to detect directory metadata changes
  • Fix file permission translation on Linux/MacOS
  • Fix Crypto++ 6.0 byte compile issue
  • Handle reparse tag IO_REPARSE_TAG_APPEXECLINK on Windows
  • Backup VeraCrypt boot loader
  • Improve log message if indexing is interrupted

Changes with Restore CD 2.2.2 beta

  • Fix GPT restore with restore disk being (slightly) smaller

Changes with Restore CD 2.2.1 beta

  • Restore whole disks (created with Hyper-V client)
  • Continuously track image download progress for resume
  • Restore VeraCrypt boot loader

Changes with Restore CD 2.2.0 beta

  • Bugfix: In some cases the restore did not continue at the most recent position when it had to reconnect to the server
  • Build with default Debian stretch live-build and not the accumulation of patches, fixes and manual changes I had beforehand

Upgrade process

As always: Replace the executables (via the installers) and the database of the server/client will be updated on first running it.

Place the files from the update directory into C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup to auto-update clients. Disable Download client from update server in the server settings to prevent the server from downloading the current version.

On Linux e.g. with this update script:

Downgrade process (server)

Stop the UrBackup server, restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup from a backup before upgrade and then install the previous version over the beta release.


In theory the combination of ReFS v3 with reflinks and Windows Server 2019 deduplication should be great. But I seem to have problems in testing with that. I think the deduplication breaks the reflinking.

Picky point: The 2.3.4 list references ReFS v2, a testing version not supported by released OS.

It’s also amusing that Microsoft often notes ReFS, advertised as designed for resiliency and availability, is “best suited for applications and hardware that implement their own resiliency and availability solutions.”

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. --Tom Waits

That is under the “Basic disks” header.
I guess it’s like btrfs/ZFS on a single disk (with btrfs in “single” mode) or on a hardware RAID, that it can detect an error but not fix it. If you run it on storage spaces with redundancy it seems to be able to fix errors.

Honestly if the dedup would work in connection with reflinks it would be really competitive. But like this it can’t compress or copies stuff that it later has to dedup.

When is full release?

Hi @uroni,
on a a brand new vanilla Xubuntu 18.04 installation I directly installed the urbackup server 2.3.4 beta and urbackup client 2.3.1 beta from sources. Upon further testing of the urbackupclientgui beta as a standard (non-privileged) user I receive a urbackupclientgui segmentation fault when trying to restore a file via the Web Gui or via the urbackupclientgui function “Access/Restore Backups”. This only happens with the clientbackend started “sudo urbackupclientbackend --restore client-confirms -v debug”. It does not happen with “sudo urbackupclientbackend --restore server-confirms -v debug”. There the restore works flawless.
For comparison, on my Windows 8.1 client no error occurs in any of the situation and everything works as intended.
I attached the server debug log as well as the clientbackend debug log for further analysis of the segmentation fault of the urbackupclientgui beta 2.3.1.
Edit: Meanwhile with the help of @uroni I was able to retrieve a backtrace of the urbackupclientgui while getting a segmentation fault.

Looks like a wxGTK issue to me (wxTopLevelWindowGTK::RequestUserAttention segfaults on Linux). If you google for that there are a bunch of bug reports which are then automatically closed after a while. So nobody seems to care.

Thanks uroni for the quick reply. So I wonder how could one draw attention on this issue? And if this is not possible, would there be a way for a workaround within the urbackupclientgui code? Or perhaps there is even a better way to deal with this seg fault issue as I could imagine?

OMG…wanted to revert back from this beta to 2.2.11 so I installed over the 2.2.11 server… now after an error something like “urbackup_srv failed to start” I restarted the whole pc…now…8 months of work are gone…I get all settings and file like they were in april …

I seems there is nothing left to do…I just lost 280 PC’s backups and now I have to restart all backups again…omg I think I will try a different solution…

Hi Enzo,
so no more historical backup present?
I also need to came back to 2.2.11 because a lot of crash :frowning:

But client side, will we must reinstall urbackup client 226?

2018-11-07 19:25:22: ERROR: Program abort (SIGABRT)
2018-11-07 19:25:22: ERROR: Fatal exception code 0 at address 0x00007FFA0EF33C58
2018-11-07 19:25:23: ERROR: Fatal exception (APPLICATION CRASHED). Crash dump written to “g:\temp\UrBackup\v2.0.0-20181107-192522-912-1880.dmp”

For me…the backups are there but server doesn’t associate the backups with the clients anymore so all my clients result in having no backup associated with even if there are the files on the same place as before

I know that it is not so interessing for you Enzo,
but -apparently- i solved crash with sfc and vc++ 2010 reinstall.

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Great for you :slight_smile: I also found a way to recover the old backups but not using Urbackup server, and now I have to merge all images from a pc to a single image and then when needed to restore them to use vhd2disk, :slight_smile:

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Hi uroni,
so you took care meanwhile :sunglasses:
I just want to confirm that with the released urbackupclientgui the segmentation fault issue is gone on my vanilla Xubuntu 18.04 installation working with a standard user account.
Thanks a lot for your effort on this!

ETA for the non-beta release?

When it’s done


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