Server 2.2.6 beta

The parallel client-side file hashing is behind a feature flag in the internet settings tab on the server and needs to be enabled first.

Changes with server 2.2.6 beta

  • Remove inode_db after storage migration
  • Prevent XSS with action parameter
  • Use Crypto++ to calculate MD5/SHA in release mode
  • Access memory via memcpy in file tree differencing to fix possible alignment issues
  • Fix file link via hash switch issue
  • Remove erroneous extra client hint deletion
  • Install luaplugin.dll with NSI installer
  • Updated translations
  • Fix pool directory cleanup
  • Windows: Create directory junctions also within filesystem transactions instead of symlinks
  • Reference directory link parents for proper directory link removal and refcounting
  • Add missing directory link references during remove unknown check
  • Use different sha hash implementation because the previous one is broken (if the Crypto++ one is not used)

Major changes with server 2.2.x beta

  • Client-side file hashing parallel with file backup
  • Image backup restore via Internet client
  • Simultaneous file meta data application with file backups
  • Scriptable (lua) alerts and reports
  • File backup with ZFS snapshots

Major changes with client 2.2.x beta

  • Client-side file hashing parallel with file backup

Changes with Restore CD 2.1.x beta

  • Image backup restore via Internet client

Upgrade process

As always: Replace the executables (via the installers) and the database of the server/client will be updated on first running it.

Place the files from the update directory into C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup to auto-update clients. Disable Download client from update server in the server settings to prevent the server from downloading the current version.

On Linux e.g. with this update script:

Downgrade process (server)

Stop the UrBackup server, restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup from a backup before upgrade and then install the previous version over the beta release.


Am I missing some checkboxes here?

After adding the beta client and enabling auto update, one of my (windows) testclients returns as a new client.

Hmm, only in Chrome.

Looks like the width == 0…

There seems to be an issue with the ZFS filebackups.

If a backup fails (at least because of a server error), the server has trouble finding a valid origin for the new backups. So it creates a new filesystem for each following incremental backup, but it will copy the files again and again from a old snapshot (which it should have cloned).

Running a full file backup creates a new stable situation with working snapshots (and that is extremely fast and efficient!!).

So just a small bug to fix before this great functionality can be fully used!

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