Server 2.2.5 beta/Client 2.2.3 beta



That’s the cause of the status problem. Which installer did you use and is the luaplugin.dll file present?


I used the “UrBackup Server 2.2.5 beta.exe” installer and no i don’t see the luaplugin.dll file in the install directory. i also just browsed inside the install package and it doesn’t seem to be there either.

i extracted it form the MSI install package and its working now


Hey Uroni, just started testing out this new beta and it looks great! One suggestion for the alerts- please allow us to customize the tag on the alerts as well as the “Send OK mail” so that we can parse that with a PSA or RMM tool. It’s easy to create a filter from subject line tags in other software.


That’s one reason it is scriptable. You can modify the script. If you post it and enough others think it is a useful change we can make it official.

Preserve directory hierarchy in files backup list
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