Separating backup storage from Temp storage

Hi everyone,

I need to know, how I can separate the backup file storage from the temp file location.

This is the scenario:
Urbackup running on Ubuntu 14.xx LTS.
Backup is NAS storage (freenas) using NFS share.
However, the ubuntu has local storage space that is faster than the NFS share itself, so I want UrBackup to copy all files to local temp first (Advanced -> enable temp directories) and than process the data and than finally copy the actual backup to NFS share.

Is this possible, and if so, where do I do the changes to tell urbackup of the temp folder location?


On Ubuntu/Debian by modifying /etc/default/urbackup_srv and then checking the boxes in advanced.

In general on Linux/FreeBSD by setting the TMPDIR environment variable before running start_urbackup_server.