Send identity failed - Finish and identity was not recognized

Hello Everyone,
here is my story I try to follow up on other threads I found here but no one has my problem exactly

So here is what happened, I had urbackup running for 3 years with no problem at all, the setup was for a qnap(nas) and the urbackup was installed via a packaged app.
recently qnap made some changes and the app stop working, I then look on the Urbackup site to find what to do and saw that I can install urbackup in a docker environment. So I did make a copy of my urbackup server and install the new server as a docker (container). then I copied all the information from the old server over to the new one and it seem to work fine for most of my backups, 12 of 14 machines are working fine most of them are PC and servers running Win10 or Win2k12 or Win2k16. All of those 12 backups picked up and run the backup fine, except the 2 Windows 7 32 bit VM machines which refuse to run the backup.
Err message on the server side show as “Sending Identity to client “WH Inc” failed. Retrying in 60s…” and then “Client main Thread for client “WH-VM” finished and the identity was not recognized”

on the urbackup GUI
Err message show " starting backup failed"

on the VM it says connected to the server but does not show the server name. I have tried to telnet on the port and telnet working fine. Also, try to remove and reinstall which did not help.

I try to check the debug log on the client VM but there is no information there. except for 1 row which is from years ago.

Any help will be appreciated