Segfault Error on 2.2.11



I can see a segfault error in dmesg

[Mon Dec 24 15:37:28 2018] fbackup write[31387]: segfault at 19a00000000 ip 0000019a00000000 sp 00007fb8e77b44e8 error 14 in urbackupsrv[55de64754000+5ca000]

I am having lots of issues with this version,
– Nightly cleanup is not working, the progress bar just sits and does nothing.
– The storage quota is set to 9T but it has utilized 16T and not coming down as storage has reached 80%
– I am unable to delete the file snapshots manually using the delete button, its just keeps looping and never deletes the snaphot, however deleting image snapshots works.

I am getting lots of error in log urbackup log file - “WARNING: HT: Error creating hardlink” for each and every file backup.

Please help, these are all production server backups



Sorry you are having problems. Can you follow instructions here for more info about the segfault. Thanks!