Seeding Exchange & SQL to USB

I have clients with over 200GB data and it is way too slow to do Full backup over the internet.

How do you seed your first backup which has Exchange, SQL and File to backup onto a USB that can be transferred onto the backup server?


Please search the forums, there s a ton of posts for this

I have searched the forum and all posts talk about copying the files and then doing backup on local LAN to UrBackup server.

Nothing about doing a Seedload of Edchnage & SQL using VSS. I do not have SQL installed locally so copying file will not do a VSS seed backup.

@orogor - I have searched again and no luck. Please would you be so kind to paste link to the post that explains how to Seed load SQL & Exchange to allow us to carry to Data center server to then follow on with incremental there after.

Will be much appreciated.

Hello i am very sorry. I did missread your post.
Actually i was thinking about seeding fils backups, that’s well covered and working, no idea for the windows components backups.

@orogor No problem. Thank you.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do this?
Do I need to setup a server and take it to site do the backup and then move it to the off-site server?

If I install UrBackup Server on to client local server, set storage to USB then do backup of Exchange to USB. Once completed take USB to DC server copy folders and then link Client to the DC server, could this work? How would I point client to DC server? Are the hashes server specific or can the client rebuild form this without uploading all the data and just doing incremental?