See which files have been backuped (incremental backup)

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i’m new to UrBackup and so maybe i just missed the proper page or tool. :slight_smile:

I want to have a simple list of the files that have been backuped within a specific incremental backup.
I expected to have this information in the “Logs” section, but a test file i created isn’t mentioned there, although it has been backuped properly, according to the “Backups” section.
In that section the size of each incremental backup is shown, so i assume there’s also a list of that files somewhere?

Thanks for any help and/or tipps.

BTW: I switched to UrBackup from the “grand old” Bacula, as i do not trust their “containers”. In a very extreme disaster scenario i want to have access to my files, that have been backuped in a plain way. So, UrBackup is my perfect solution :wink: Thanks to all developers.

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no one?

Maybe look on the client logs or at the live logs server side
maybe try to switch client/server to debug log

For the folder size, i think it s computed on the fly during backup then stored in the db (so urbackup doesnt has to scan the whole folder each time you display the size)
Also files are available as files on the drive so urbackup can also just look there for a single file

It would be create if this could be integrated somewhere in the web interface.