See changes from last files backup

as first thing: urBackup is great!!
I installed it in a mixed enviroment: the server is on a linux machine (Ubuntu 14.04), urBackup client is on Windows machines (both Windows 7, Windows server).

I’d like to know if there is a way to see only differences between two file backups (incremental or complete).

From console or web ui is not very important. I’d like to understand why some incremental backups are so big (doing it manually is not possible because there are hundreds of folders/subfolders).



Besides delving into it, I am not entirely sure. The web-interface does what you can do on the machine - delve into the file structure - and I am not entirely sure by what you mean on the console; however, you can set your transfer modes to Block Hashed. I would not recommend it, because it only backs up what was changed since the last backup.

Transfer Modes:

Thanks for your reply. In short I need to see why an incremental backup is of that size. I’ve some incremental backup very very big (18GB) and I’m not sure why. I asked for a way to understand differences from last incremental backup.

I agree with you: I don’t want enable block hashed.


Isnt’ there, on Linux, an du command that does sort-of what you’re trying to do?

Something more like this - since you are using a Linux server:

Yes this is clear. But really I want understand the size only of the last incremental backup.
Instead how urbackup is done, in the folder of any incremental backup you find also the symlinks to previous backup folder. So in this way you see the entire tree.

This is convenient of course, but I can’t see and isolate only the “difference” between one incremental backup and next incremental backup.