Scheduling backup - SOLVED


I’m trying to set up schedules for backup so it does not compromise the network.

Example: I created 4 client groups. Each group would like it backed up at a different time, but every day.

First group: 9AM
Second group: 11AM
Third group: 2PM
Fourth group: 4PM

How do I put this on the server? I know I need to change in “File Backups> Interval incremental …” and “Client> Backup Windows”. I’ve tried some settings, but the client only respects “File Backups> Interval incremental …”

Can someone help me?

Does anyone use the scheduled backup by day and time?

In my testing I don’t bother with scheduling groups like that. I use them per client. Though I can see why setting it up your way makes sense.

I’ve found that with change block tracking the overhead is minimal even on smaller networks. Each client gets a window appropriate for their maintenance window availability.

Configure in Web Interface or Client is equal i think…

Picture of my client:

Window Backup: Monday - Friday / 11AM to 00PM - This is the time i need to backup

Interval for incremental Backups - 2h - The client only respect this parameter. How i need to set to respect the Window Backup?


Finally after many tests, i discovered that the schedule is directly connected with the option: maximum / minimum number of incremental file backups.

If the maximum is not reached, the backup window will not count. The only parameter that will work is: Interval for incremental file backups.

Thanks @neuronsec for the help.

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Hello, could you show an example of how you did your schedule?

how do you make it per client

how i can schedule a backup job ?

Could you please share the screenshots for the scheduled backups

Hello Shambud2,

i don’t work more with urbackup, sorry for it.