Saving to Truenas share

I’ll start off with saying I am extremely new to linux, docker and VM’s in general. I ran UrBackup with UnRaid pretty easily but recently moved to Proxmox. I’m finally getting around to installing UrBackup again but I’m confusing myself/overthinking the setup I’m sure.

I’m running Proxmox with an Ubuntu Server VM and a TrueNas Scale VM. I’ve installed UrBackup via docker on the Ubuntu vm… All fine there. My issue is I want to use a file/share off my Truenas to save all my files to as that is my NAS solution. I’m not quite sure how to achieve that.

To me it appears that if I start running backups, It will save to the volume in the docker file on the Ubuntu VM, Is that correct? Do I need to somehow change the volume it points to in the docker file and make it point to the share from truenas?

This is a more fitting question for a proxmox forum.
As for volumes in docker, that is a question for a docker forum.

There are probably ppl here who can answer, maybe you get lucky but don’t hold your breath.

Maybe you have to create a separate volume in docker, I simply don’t know, I don’t run urbackup in docker.

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Thank you! I appreciate the reply


Got a similar setup - but using vmware as my host - in docker you need to use the ‘-v’ parameter to make a mount point in the docker image to be overlaid with a mountpoint from your VM that’s hosting the docker image - e.g.:

docker run -d \
–name urbackup \
–restart unless-stopped \
–cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
-e PUID=1000 \
-e PGID=1000 \
-e TZ=Pacific/Auckland \
-v /<yourmountpoint_for_backups>:/backups \
-v /<yourmountpoint_for_database>:/var/urbackup \
–network host \

where yourmountpoint_for_backups is the mount point where your backup images will be stored
and yourmountpoint_for_database is the mount point where the URBACKUP database is stored

So, you’ll have a VM which is running the docker image… you need to mount your truenas shares onto that VM, which you then tell the docker image about, using the -v parameter. (Hope that makes sense)

Remember, you don’t want data that you want to keep stored within the image e.g. the database - if you update your image it’ll also mean you have to start to re-configure everything again…


Thank you for your reply!

I actually got it set up finally with a docker image in Truenas itself… Took a little bit to get it all set right but it seems to be working now.

I would make sure that you document it well. If something goes wrong and you need to rebuild getting to your data, having how you did it the first time will be invaluable with getting it back up and running.