Saving backups on different storages

Hi all!
Here is a question. I have to storages: the first is supposed for FILE backups,while the second is for IMAGE backups.
However, there is no option, to save backups on different storages,is there? Only this option. There was an idea to mount
two storages (on FreeNAS are both) to UrBackup /mnt/ folder, but i don’t thinks that what I need.

I think you can try to setup a second urbackup server and tell the client to backup to the 2 servers using different policies.
Only issue is that you now have to search backups in 2 places.

As i understand, because the data is deduped, it has to reside on the same fs, so even with some dev possible options are kinda annoying
make a meta server, allowing to manage multiple urbackup servers or to chain them.
allow to set up an archive media with rehydrated backups, data still being available in urbackup catalog to locate the media,
do something like bacula and have a storage daemon that would handle the dedup on a different site/medium, allow to move backups around

Just FYI, Here’s a reply from an earlier 2012 post on this subject suggesting symlinks which might help. :slight_smile:

damn…it’s even harder to peform than I thought it would be…
I wish the creators would take into account that question, cuz it’s very important to write backups and vhds on separate drives.

With 2.1.x you can store images in a different ZFS dataset (see testing category) when using cow-raw images.

It does however assume at multiple places that deleting an image backup frees up space for a file backup. So at the worst case you end up with all images execept “minimal number of backups” deleted even though there would have been enough space.

okay! Thanks for reply! But still can’t understand why is this a problem? Cuz this is a very helpful feature! Dat urbackup, can do lots of cool things that’s why i thought that this feature is default but I don’t know why… Looking forward to a new 2.1.* version.

So this would actually be pretty useful. Here is my situation. I am running Freenas 11 with about 6TB after redundancy. I would like to have two different datasets for backups, one that I use cloudsync on to sync to azure blob storage using zero knowledge encryption, and the other backups I only want a local copy. The latter is for nice to have backups, but not worth paying for TBs of cloud storage to have.

I could see this even being tied to client groups.